Number Avalanche

2014-02-12 14:13:43 by JeffersonTD

I just released a new game called Number Avalanche. It's a totally new kind of mixture of platforming, puzzle, math and action.

There are 28 puzzle levels to solve and two different arcade modes, where you try to get the highest score possible!

Try the game at:

I submitted a small game yesterday:

A Game in one week

It was made for a very tiny contest whose goal was literally that - to make a game in a week. The contest just didn't have a theme so I took the timespan itself as the theme. I only had a couple of evenings to make it, so I didn't really have the time to implement the game customizabilities I first planned to put into it. Now it just describes the different stages of game development. It also offers quite a challenge in some of the levels - a challenge that's obviously too much for many. I suppose in general adding difficulty levels to a game isn't a bad idea really.

For people playing the game, this is not a simulation, but more like a story of developing a platformer, so try not to take the first level too seriously. And also please don't judge the game as crappy just because it's difficult.

I released another game called 1-button Suicide Javelin a week ago:

Even though the game was quite quickly made (and admittedly not the most impressive thing visually), there apparently was a very bad design mistake that could have been quite easily avoided. This caused the game to lag extremely badly with some people. Now that should be fixed, but most people just tried the unfixed version, which is kind of a pity.

Well, luckily this was just a small game, so this was in fact just a valuable lesson. Now I'll remember to check that a game performs decently on different setups and that it doesn't consume too much memory.

Clockday aftermath

2012-08-21 14:21:24 by JeffersonTD

One week ago I had never heard about clockday. When I read about what it was, I knew I'd had to come up with some content for it, so I did:

The idea and the implementation were both conceived on the actual c-day, which I think suits the low-threshold submitting day perfectly. :) And due to it being clockday, it didn't really matter that the logic for solving the riddle was quite obscure. I'm happy to see that people have actually gone through solving it. :)

Any way, I've personally perhaps had too high a threshold for submitting something, so I think clock day is a nice reminder that submitting stuff doesn't have to be that huge a deal. Submitting something small on clockday can be good practice for working with the API etc.

My first submission!

2011-12-30 22:07:59 by JeffersonTD

I just made my first submission. Yay! Any comments regarding the game (Postman David) are very welcome. :)

ed: (Aug/12): as it was forgotten from the post originally, here's the link for the game:

Once you've posted a review, you can't edit it or change the rating. Therefore it's good check that you don't have a misconception of some kind or make a premature errorenous negative judgment.

As the most recent example I find The Mario Bros in fact better than what my review would imply:
- It's more than relatively good for a flash Mario. It's probably the best flash Mario I've seen.
- The underwater wall kicks do work, I just didn't grasp them fast enough.
- I still think the wall kicks don't reach high enough. After sending the review I played till level 8 (and might still play till the end) so I did learn to do the wall kicks but I still think it's unnecessarily hard in an unconstructive way.
- Compared to many other Flash Mario games, this delivers something new without destroying the basic Mario ideas, whereas some others do the opposite: do not deliver anything new yet still manage to mess up the things that make a Mario game.

There are various things that could be a bit better in this game, but in the world of flash submissions this would have still deserved a better rating than 6 - after all flash submissions are not like movies on imdb, from which even the crappiest ones usually have significant budgets and teams behind them. So to balance out the review with the too low rating of 6 out, I'm giving this Mario game a vote of 4/5. :)

ps. I'm not the only one who should remember this - especially those who send reviews with scores of 0 because they bump into something they consider a problem should definitely think more before sending those reviews.